Nakliye Sözlüğü

Nakliye Sözlüğü


aaaa always afloat always accessible

abs American Bureau of Shipping

abt about

acct or a/c account

acot Advisory Committee of Offshore Technology

addr address (commission)

agw all going well

ah antwerp-hamburg range

aht Anchor Handling Tug

aid Agency for International Development

aims American Institute of merchant Shipping

anfood animal food (type of cargo)

aphos african phosphate c/p

aps Arriving Pilot Station

ara antwerp-rotterdam- amsterdam

arag Antwerp - Rotterdam - Amsterdam - Gent

asf Asian Shipowners' Forum

aux auxiliary

awb air waybill

awes Association of Western European Shipbuilders

b Beam

b/l bill of lading

b/n booking note

b/s bill of sale

b4 Before

ba buenos aires

baf bunker adjustment factor

bbb before breaking bulk

bc Bulk Carrier

be both ends

bends both ends

bfi Baltic Freight Index

bgd bagged

bhp brake horse power

biac Business and Industry Advisory Committee

bifa British International Freight Association

biffex Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange

bimco Baltic and International Maritime Council

bisco British Iron and Steel COrporation

bl bale

blk bulk

blt Built

boc Bulk Oil Carrier

bod board of directors

bof Best Offer

br Bulgarian Register

br brazil

brg Bridge

brkrs brokers

brl barrel

bs Bahamas

bsc British Shippers Council

bsea black sea

bsi British Standards Institution

btms bottoms (parcels)

bv Bureau Veritas

c&f Cost and Freight

c.i.s. commonwealth independent states (ex soviet republics)

cabaf currency and bunker adjustment factor

caf currency adjustment factor

can canada

cancl cancelling

casa casablanca

cbm cubic metres

cbs Cyprus Bereau of Shipping

cc cargo capacity

cc Cement Carrier

ccc customs cooperation council

cf cubic feet

cfr Cost and FReight

cfs container freight station

cgo cargo

chopt charterers option

chrts charterers

cif cost insurance freight

cif Cost Insurance and Freight

cip Carriage and Insurance Paid to

cmi Committee maritime international

cmpl Completed

cob Clean On Board

cob cargo on board

cob closing of business

cod cash on delivery

cogsa carriage of goods by sea act

comb Combinable

coms commissions

Cont Container Ship

cont Continent

cop custom of the port

core7 c/p for iron ore transportation

cp charter party

cpt Carriage Paid To

cpt captain

cqd customary quick despatch

crns cranes

csc container safety convention

csh Cargo Ship

ct Chemical Tanker

ct combined transport

ctl constructive total loss

cuft cubic feet

cyl Cylinders

d Depth

d.o. Diesel Oil

da disbursement accounts

daf Delivered At Frontier

dap days all purposes

dap dia-ammonium sulphate

dd dry dock

ddp delivered duty paid

ddu Delivered Duty Unpaid

ddu Delivered DUty paid

de Deemed / Earned (freight)

dely delivery

dems Demurrage

deq Delivered Ex Quay

des Delivered Ex Ship

df or d.f. dead freight

dims dimensions

disp Displacement

doc document of compliance (ism)

dolsp dropping outward last sea pilot

dop Dropping Out Pilot

dpa designated person ashore (ism)

drft draft

drgr Dredge - r

drx hellenic drachma (currency)

dur duration

dw Dead Weight

dwcc dead weight- cargo capacity

dwt deadweight

ec east coast

ecgb east coast Great Britain

ecsa east coast south america

ecuk east coast United Kingdom

ecus east coast United States

efta european free trade association

egy Egypt

eiu even if used

epirb emergency position indicating radio beacon

er Engine Room

eta estimated time of arrival

etc expected time of commencement (or completion)

etd estimated time of departure

ets estimated time of sailing

euc (euro) european currency units

excl excluding

exw Ex Works

f.o. Fuel Oil

fac fast as can

fas free alongside ship

fas Free Alongside

fb Ferry Boat

fca Free CArrier

fcc first class charterers

fcl Full Container Load

fcr Floating Crane

fd free despatch

fd&d freight deadfreight & demurrage

fdd freight demurrage defence (p&i)

fdeocl freight deemed earned on completion loading

ferts fertilizers

feu Forty Feet Equivalent Units

fgi for guidance and information

fhex fridays holidays excluded

fhex fridays holidays excluded

fhinc fridays holidays included

filo free in liner out

fio free in out

fios free in out stowed

fiost free in out spout trimmed

fiot free in out trimming

fish Fishing Boat

flg flag

flo-flo FLoat On - FLoat Off

flt full liner terms

fmc federal maritime commission

fms fathoms

fob free on board

fob free on board

fob Free On Board

foq free on quay

for free on rail

fot free on truck

fpa free of particular average

fpt fore peak tank

fr freight

fr France

frght freight

fso fleet safety officer (ism)

ftc Free Transferable currency

fui for your information

fw fresh water

fwa fresh water allowance

fwad fresh water arrival draft

fwd fresh water draft

fwd forward

fxd fixed

fyg for your guidance

ga general average

ga Go Ahead (telex operator)

gatt General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

gc Gas Carrier

gcn gencon

gd good

geo geographical (rotation)

gib Gibraltar

gl Germanischer Lloyd

gmdss global maritime distress and safety system

gmt greenwich mean time

gr grain

Gr Greece (Hellas)

gr greece

grd geared

grls gearless

grt gross register tons

gspb Good Safe Port Berth

gtee guarantee

h.s.a. hellenic shipbrokers association

ha hatch

hd half despatch

hdwts half despatch working time saved

hf Hydrofoil

hfo heavy fuel oil

hh holds hatches

hh or hoha holds / hatches

hhs heavy handy scrap

hk hong kong

hl or h/l Heavy Lift

ho hold

hoha holds hatches

hond Honduras

hrs Hellenic Register of Shipping

hrs hours

hsa Hellenic Shipbrokers Association

hss heavy grain,soya,sorghum

hss High-speed Sea Service

i/o instead of

icc international chamber of commerce

ics international chamber of shipping

ics institute of chartered shipbrokers

ifo intermediate fuel oil

igs inert Gas System

ihp Indicated Horse Power

ilohc in lieu of holds cleaning

ilow in lieu of weight

imco intergovernmental maritime commission

imdg code international maritime dangerous goods code

imo international maritime organization

incl Including

inclad including address

inco terms international commercial terms

isf international safety federation

ism bla bla bla

iso bla bla bla

iwl institute warranties limits

jpn japan

kr Korean Register of Shipping

l Length

l.b.h. length / breadth/ height

l.m.c. Lloyd's machinery certificate

l.t. Long Tons

l/c lay can

l/c letter of credit

l/d loading / discharging

la los angeles (usa)

lash Lighter Aboard SHip

lash Lighter Aboard Ship

lat latitude

lbp Length Between Perpeticulars

lc or l/c letter of credit

ldg loading

lgc Liquefied Gas Carrier

lhar london, hull, antwerp, rotterdam range

lifo liner in free out

lo/lo Lift On / Lift Off

loa Length Over All

loi Letter Of Indemnity

long longitude

lpg Liquefied Petroleum Gas

lpgc liquefied petroleum gas carrier

lr Lloyds Register

ls Light Ship

lsc Live Stock Carrier

Lubs Lubricants

m. metres

m.e. Main Engine

m/s motor ship

m/v motor vessel

m/y Motor Yacht

mald Maldives Islands

mdc marina di carrara

mdo marine diesel oil

me or m.e main engine

med mediterranean

mga master's general account

mgo marine gas oil

mic man in charge

mid middle

min/max minimum/maximum

mip marine insurance policy

miss mississippi river

mm minimum/maximum

moa memorandum of agreement (S&P)

mol more or less

molchopt more or less at charterers' option

moloo more or less at owners' option

mop muriate of potash

mos months

mou paris memorandum of understanding (paris)

mpp multi purpose (type of ship)

mrble marble

mt metric tons

mtc moment to alter trim once centimeter

mti moment to alter trim one inch

mv or m/v motor vessel

na or n/a not applicaple - not acceptable -not available

naa not always afloat

naabsa not always afloat but safely aground

ncb national cargo bureau

ncr non conformance report (ism)

ncv no commercial value

ng Nigeria

nhp nominal horse power

nk nippon kaiji Kyokai

No Number

nola North Lakes

NOR Notice of Readiness

norgrain voyage c/p for carriage of grains (usa-can)

nr or n.r. northern range (from norfolk to portland in usec)

nrt net register tons

nsf Norwegian Sales Fort

ny new york

nype new york produce exchange charter party

nype New York Produce Exchange (charter party)

oa over aged

obc Ore Bulk Carrier

obct Ore Bulk Container

obo Oil Bulk Ore

oc Ore Carrier

od outside diameter

onw onwards

ooc Ore Oil Carrier

opt option

osd Open Shelter Decker

osd open shelter decker

ows owners

p&c Private & Confidential

p&i protection and indemnity (club)

p.p.i. policy proof of interest

p/f proforma

p/l partial loss

p/n promissory note

pa particular average

pan Panama

pandi p&i

pass Passenger Ship

pb permanent bunkers

pc Product Carrier

pcc Pure Car Carrier

pd Per Day

pd port dues

ph per hatch

phil Philippines

phos phosphate

pls please

plts palletes

pmo passing muscat outbound

pmt Per Metric Ton

pod paid on delivery

pod port of delivery

posn position

ppse propose

ppt prompt

pr Polski Rejestr Statkow

prt port

psa Passenger Ship Association

psc port state control

pt Product Tanker

pton Per Ton

pts spanish pesetas (currency)

pus past us (commissions)

pus past us (coms)

pv Peru

pwh per workable hatch

qar quality assurance representative (ism)

qt Qatar

qte quote

r Are

r/v round voyage

rd running days

rdc running down clause

rdly redelivery

rdr radar

redely redelivery

ref Refrigerator Ship

reg regarding

rep representative

req require

rge range

ri (rina) Registro Italiano

rnd round (voyage)

rnge range

RoRo Roll on Roll off

rqrd required

rt Radio Telephone

rt radio telephone

ryt re your telex / telegram / telephone

s&p brkr sale and purchase broker

s.s. Special Survey

s/n shipping note

s/p Submersible Pontoon

s/r Signing / Releasing (bills of lading)

s/s Steamship

saoclonl Ship And Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost

SatCom Satellite Communication

SatNav Satellite Navigation

satshex saturdays sundays holidays excluded

sb safe berth

sbm soya bean meal

se south east

shex Sundays Holidays Excluded

shinc sundays holidays included

sid single decker

smc safety management certificate (ism)

smm safety management manual (ism)

smp soya bean meal pallets

sms safety management system (ism)

Sob shipped on board

soc Shipper owned container

Sof Statement of Facts

solas Safety Of Life At Sea

sop sulphate of potash

sopep shipboard oil pollution emergency plan

sp safe port

sp Spain

spn spain

spore Singapore

spt spot

sr Soviet Register

src Slops Receiving Station

sshex Saturdays Sundays Holidays Excluded

ssv Support Supply Vessel

ssw sawn soft wood

st Side Tank

stbd Starboard

stc Said To Contain

stcw code SEAFARERS' training certification and watch-keeping

stcw convention international convention on standards of training certification and watch-keeping for seafarers

stds standards

stem subject to existence of merchandise

stg Salvage Tug

stl steel

sub subject to

swd salt water draft

swl Safe Working Load

syna synacomex

t/l total loss

tc time charter

tct time charter trip

teu Twenty Feet Equivalent Units

tg Tug

tnge tonnage

tns tons

tpc tons per centimetre

tpi tons per inch

tr Trawler

ts tons

tsh Tanker Ship

tsp triple super phosphate

tss tailshaft survey

ttl total

tw tween decker

tween tweendecker

u You

uce unforseen circumstances excepted

uk united kingdom

uk/cont united kingdom / continent range

ulcc Ultra Large Crude Carrier

unqt unquote

up river upper ports of river parana (argentina)

usa United States of America

usd united states dollars

usec united states east coast

usg United States Gulf

usnh united states, north of cape hateras

uswc united states west coast

uu Unless Used

Vaoclonl Vessel And Or Cargo Lost Or Not Lost

vlcc Very Large Crude Carrier

vol. volume

wb Water Ballast

wc west coast

wci West Coast India

wci west coast italy

wcsa west coast south america

weccon whether entered customs clearance or not

wechon whether entered customs house or not

wibon weather in berth or not

wiccon weather in cargo clearance or not

wifpon weather in free pratique or not

wipon weather in port or not

wlthc Water Line to Top of Hatch Coming

wog Without Guarantee

wp Weather Permitting

wr War Risks

wr without responsibility

ww world wide

wwd Winches Working Day

wwd Weather Working Days

wwr when where ready

wwww wipon / wifpon / wiccon / wibon

yu Yugoslavia

z.t. Zone Time